My Podcast Project

Make Literature Come Alive

Main Objectives
*To review the play "All My Sons" by Arthur Miller, 
on the English Literature Curriculum and get a deeper 
understanding of the roles of the different characters. 
*To make it become more alive and personal.

Level:  Intermediate - Advanced

Class type:  High School Grades-11-12

Activity Focus: 
* To record a longer quote of a character from the play
* Or to record a very short dialogue between significant
* To have class members guess who stated the quotes
* To have class vote for the three most interesting recordings

Time: 1-2 minutes for recording quotes

Equipment: Computers with access to Internet / Headphones

1. Teacher introduces them to Audioboo and has students
     sign up for Audioboo. Students practice making short 
     recording about themselves.
2. Students creates a blog in Blogger.
3. Teacher checks that the students are recording properly.
4. Teacher shows how to reply to an Audioboo audio.
5. Teacher shows how to create an About Me page 
    and a Literature Project Page  in Blogger
6. Students add their photo and add something nice 
    about themselves on the About Me page.
7. Teacher shows how to embed audio files in Blogger.
8. Teacher has class discussion regarding the different
    characters in the play and how they are similar/different
    to each other, and how they contribute to the development 
    in the play.
9. The teacher asks the students to chose two characters 
    and two quotes for each from the play and to submit it to
    the teacher on the school homework site for approval.
10. The teacher reassigns quotes for recording if necessary.
11. A deadline is given for recording and embedding  the quotes 
      and comments
12. A class poll is done either on line or in class to choose
     the best three presentations.
13. Teacher assigns a new Post on the Literature Project Page
      titled Reflections for the students to express his/her opinions/
      feelings about the Literature Activity they did on Audioboo.

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