Tuesday, February 18, 2014

About Me

Hi, Welcome to my blog. 
You can call me Ruth. I was raised in Toronto, and
 relocated to Israel in my late 20's.I live in a Tel Aviv
 suburb and am the proud and grateful mother of three
 wonderful daughters and grandmother of two amazing

I love the challenges and rewards of teaching ESL
students who have ranged from elementary, high 
school, special education, higher education and 
adults.I also help homebound students or special
needs students not suited for class instruction
complete their studies at home. I have taught Business
English courses, and tutored English to families planning
to relocate. I teach preliminary English courses for
college and also run conversational English classes
for adults. 

I love the beauty and variety that Israel offers its residents
and visitors- it is a melting pot of cultures and people, its 
scenery so diverse and beautiful- you have the sea, and
the desert, old city walls aside modern architecture, and
art, and music, and fabulous food originating from
all over the world.And of course, coming from Canada,
the warm/hot weather is an added blessing.

Mosaics in Our Park on PhotoPeach